We each have come to the planet to achieve something that only we can do.  I believe my work is to advance healing using creativity.  My name is Carolyn Renée  and out of a personal desire to work with others like myself–individuals who want to make positive change on the planet, I conceived W.H.O.A.! Women Helping Others Advance.  You can read more by clicking “About”.  I want to first share a little about myself.  Who is Carolyn Renée? I am the daughter of Tahirah and granddaughter of Ms. Gussie Seals, both of whom are healers.  I thank them for sharing their love and wisdom with me.  Gifted in many ways–as a teaching artist, writer, singer/songwriter, and healer–I love to create art-infused projects that impart positive change.  I have been blessed to amass diverse experiences that allow me to contribute to my community, family, and society in many ways. As a Reiki Master and certified Natural Health and Wellness Consultant–I find joy in the healing arts.   In the creative arts I have found my way to become a teaching artist, community organizer and arts administrator.  Through these efforts I have learned how to infuse art in community for the purpose of organizing, and have in turn made contributions for the advancement of many people through my partnerships with some pretty amazing writers, storytellers, musicians, and actors.  All of this has led me to become an artist in my own “rite”.  One of my greatest joys is working as a teaching artist with youth from refugee communities, and those serving time in youth detention centers. The combination of my diverse experiences has expanded my capacity, and a compassionate heart.