We each have come to the planet to achieve something that only we can do.  Are you fulfilling your purpose?  This question has led to the formation of W.H.O.A. as well as the development of meaningful projects that seek to serve diverse communities. W.H.O.A. stands for Women Helping Others Achieve and is an effort to partner with a strong network of positive individuals, including women and the men who love and support them, and who are on the path of their personal purpose to make a better world.  Through various projects this network of change agents seek to serve the most disenfranchised and disconnected communities to actively close the gaps that lead to the degradation of the human race. There is a growing need for all people to take on more expansive roles within communities and in society.  As world power structures shift to be more inclusive of women, we must be prepared to handle the responsibilities of leading with a new energy away for a hard line patriarchal system.  As leaders in communities, homes, and in society, women are prepared to take on the unique challenges that come with balancing family, work, and personal affairs.  W.H.O.A. will create opportunities through powerful partnerships for communities to connect and flourish through healing and creative arts.  The Owl’s eyes are the totem because their eyes adjust in an instant from telescopic to microscopic facing fear and moving forward with courage and wisdom for all.  Like wise women, the owl has keen vision and energy when we need to see all the details of what or who is coming.

“A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more she saw the less she spoke; The less she spoke the more she heard.”                                                                                                                                                                                           —Unknown

“W.H.O.A.!  are like this wise old bird, rich with wisdom building worlds others cannot see.”

Carolyn R. Morris