As a healing and creative artist I have created a platform to collaborate with other women and their network of supporters.  That platform is called W.H.O.A.! (Women Helping Others Achieve) where I seek to initiate  progressive collaborations that merge the healing and creative arts for the purpose of making contributions to humanity through diverse projects.  If you have a powerful idea and want to partner send me a message through the “Contact” page or email me.  With each partner I make, I will share with visitors to this page in case you want to collaborate with them too!   See my biography below as well as those of women and organizations I have partnered. ==================================================================================

Carolyn Renée Morris is a healer, teaching and performing artist, and community organizer.  In 2008, she became certified as a natural health and wellness consultant, and Reiki Master.   From a family of healers, she honors this legacy now teaching Naturopathic Reiki in partnership with A Life of Peace Education and Wellness Institute.  She was also among the first group of initiates to go through A Life of Peace Education and Wellness Institute’s Sacred Goddess Temple.  She is also former Executive Director of Alternate ROOTS, a nonprofit that supports the creation and presentation of original art rooted in communities of place, tradition or spirit.  In this role she worked closely with nonprofit community and arts organizations throughout the southeast United States and the District of Columbia to organize workshops, learning exchanges, retreats, showcases and member gatherings. Carolyn is a Co-Liaison Leader to People of Color in InterPlay, a global nonprofit organization that promotes healing through an arts-based system called “InterPlay”. The system uses creative expression to process stored information in the body and brings it into physical awareness. In May 2017, she served as the lead organizer for the first ever InterPlay People of Color Retreat.  As a playwright she works with Synchronicity Theatre’s “Playmaking For Girls” program.  Playmaking for Girls empowers incarcerated girls, refugees, and foster care girls through play-writing, theatre games, and performance. Carolyn received funding from The City of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs for her original play, The Mother Daughter Dialogues.  She is committed to using the creative and healing arts to create positive change in the world.

Dr. Akua, naturopath, spiritualist and master teacher, is the International Operations Director for A Life of Peace Education Wellness Institute, Inc., an international holistic health education and wellness non-profit organization. She is the author of numerous books including, The Natural Health and Wellness Manual, Naturopathic Reiki Volumes I, II and III, Veggie Delights: Recipes for Holistic Health, Eating Live for Maximum Nutrition and Wellness, Akwaaba! : Dr. Akua’s Ghanaian Vegan Cuisine, Today: Wellness Manifestations and Holistic Sexuality: The Practical Guide to Sexual Healing.

Dr. Akua has shared the gifts of her works with the international communities of the USA, Canada, The Caribbean, Isreal, The Phillipines, England, Qatar, Germany, Japan and Ghana. An outstanding educator for 20+ years, Dr. Akua holds degrees and certifications in Naturopathy, Education, Telecommunications, Metaphysics, Hypnotherapy, Iridology, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Shiatsu, Colon Hydrotherapy, Midwifery and African Nutritional Science. At A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute Dr. Akua currently teaches classes in Naturopathy, Sacred Goddess Temple Rites of Passage, Nutrition, Holistic Health Business, Vegan Foods Preparation, Reiki, Holistic Doula Training, and many areas of alternative health options.

Dedicated to issues of Pan African empowerment and health – Dr. Akua has worked on family empowerment and healing as a Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Health Consultant and Holistic Birth Coach. She continues to enhance her spirit through many avenues of consciousness elevation. Akua currently lives bi-continental between Texas and Ghana.  The nurturer of three SUNS who are the mirror of life she has lived. She shares these accomplishments with her divine reflection of 29 years Dr. Chenu. Click here to connect with Dr. Akua Gray akua@alifeofpeace.org