Classes & Workshops

The current projects of W.H.O.A.! are based in both the Creative and Healing arts. The healing art classes and workshops are offered through a series of dynamic partnerships.  One of W.H.O.A.!’s partners is  A Life of Peace Wellness Education Institute  Through this partnership W.H.O.A.! offers Naturopathic Reiki classes.  Creative Arts are through InterPlay, an arts-based system that uses movement, story, and voice to tap into the bodies wisdom and outwardly express through 26-different forms.

Another partnership is with Atlanta Circle Sings who host ATL Public Singing circles throughout the city of Atlanta.  This is free, Improvised Community Sings. The song leaders are  a core group of improvisational singers (Elise Witt, Gayanne Geurin, Sara Moylan and Jessica Lily) who are enthusiastic about sharing music as a means of sacred connection with each other and our world.  Monthly singing event are open to everyone – singers of all styles and experiences. Not really a performance, this is more about listening while voices  sing together – feeling what it sounds like to be a connected and tuned in to a group of singers.  Join our group for updates @ATL Circle Sings . #ATLCircleSings


  • Reiki I       Sunday, October 15, 2017               Atlanta, Georgia
  • Reiki II      Saturday, October 7, 2017             Jackson, Mississippi
  • Reiki II      Sunday, November 12, 2017         Atlanta, Georgia
  • Reiki III     Sunday, January 27, 2018              Atlanta, Georgia
  • Reiki I       Saturday, March 3, 2018                  Atlanta, Georiga
  • Reiki I       Saturday, March 24, 2018               Atlanta, Georgia
  • Reiki II      Sunday, April 22, 2018                     Atlanta, Georgia
  • Reiki III    Sunday, May 20, 2018                       Atlanta, Georgia
  • Reiki I       Saturday, August 25, 2018             Atlanta, Georiga
  • Reiki II      Saturday, October 6, 2018             Atlanta, Georgia
  • Reiki III     Sunday, November 4, 2018           Atlanta, Georgia


W.H.O.A.! uses InterPlay to engage diverse communities in having greater creative expression through play.  InterPlay can be used with individuals or groups, in community settings, therapy sessions, wellness centers, schools, professional settings, or at home. The play activities are often improvisational and spontaneous. describes them as activities that almost anyone can do, regardless of skill level.  Interplay is centered on fun. It supports those who participate in it to recognize all of their positive influences and strengths, both internally and externally.  Beginning January 2018 W.H.O.A.! will offer InterPlay classes the second Monday of each month.